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This is everything you desire.

Kei Maeda

Deloitte Tohmatsu Tax Co.
National Leader and Partner

Transfer pricing -- I think that this term is unfamiliar to many of you.
In the transfer pricing service division, we provide consulting services with a focus on tax affairs to secure the appropriate amount of tax revenue that will lead to the success of the global businesses and the development of countries around the world.

Transfer pricing consulting is a rare and valuable job that requires a high level of specialized knowledge and analytical skills as well as reliable capabilities of identifying clients’ issues and guiding them in achieving a solution. In this process, we delve further into the businesses and organizations of our clients who operate globally, thereby leading them to the optimal answers.

I think that different people have different desires. Some may want to fulfill active roles on a global stage. Some may desire to be reliable professionals. And some may wish to develop themselves into independent human resources who are not reliant on organizations. We offer an environment that enables you to get everything you want.

No one in the world is perfect from the very start. What we seek are your unique personal qualities – and your strong will to make a contribution to clients and develop yourself.
Please show us everything you’ve got. At Deloitte Tohmatsu, we promise to acknowledge your feelings.

Kei Maeda

Deloitte Tohmatsu Tax Co. National Leader and Partner


Mr. Maeda has been providing transfer pricing consulting services for over 15 years. He has been engaged in a wide range of transfer pricing projects, such as tax planning related to supply chain management and business reorganization, i.e. Value Chain Alignment(VCA) and transfer pricing policy establishment and implementation. He has expertise in transfer pricing for the energy & resources and chemical industries.