Teodor Kotov
Senior Manager
Joined the company in 2008

It was my curiosity that led me to the career path as a transfer pricing consultant.

Stepping into an unknown world and experiencing and knowing a variety of things -- this is what Kotov finds interesting. It was his curiosity, which is greater than that of anyone else, that made the Bulgarian man decide to study in Japan. In his home country, popular destinations for studying abroad are Europe and the United States. He says that only very few students chose to study in Japan.

“I was not interested in following the same path as other people. Rather, I believed that I would acquire more in an unknown place. At university, I tried a variety of things, such as playing American Football in the university team, travelling overseas, traveling in Japan by hitchhiking, and working as a volunteer for environmental protection and support for people with disabilities. Thanks to this, I met many friends and came into contact with the cultures of diverse countries. It may be because of this experience that I chose my career path as a transfer pricing consultant.”

What he desired was a job that fulfills his curiosity. Working as a transfer pricing consultant means knowing all about clients’ businesses and providing solutions with reliable expertise, which gives him everything he desires.

“A friend who was already working for Deloitte Tohmatsu introduced the company to me, but I had never heard of transfer pricing. However, I became interested in it as I learned about the job from my friend: I would not be bored for many years, and I could acquire skills that would be applicable anywhere. I was strongly attracted to these aspects.”


I can learn everything, which makes this job interesting.

At present, Kotov is concurrently in charge of more than ten projects as a Senior Manager. He says that he is busy every day fulfilling a wide range of duties, including serving as a liaison with clients, making suggestions that lead global businesses to success, and managing teams. The job of supporting the global businesses of world-class companies has an extremely significant impact.

“This aspect makes the job very rewarding, but what I enjoy even more is listening to people in order to undertake the analysis and inspection of work sites. I am excited every day because we are fundamentally required to have extensive knowledge of clients’ businesses, including how products and parts that are essential for our lives are produced and what technologies and knowledge are behind them. I never get bored of my job.”

The world of transfer pricing consulting is profound. Kotov says that it is this endless pursuit that provides him with the true joy of the job and that appeals to him more than anything else.

“Commonsense in business keeps changing dramatically, and so do the taxation systems of each country. With regard to specialized knowledge and the raison d’etre of a transfer pricing consultant, there is no point at which we can think, ‘I have nothing to worry about because I have come this far.’” This is exactly why I find the job worth devoting my life to, and why I can keep developing myself in it.


Entering another unknown world.

Kotov aims to be a professional who is relied on and chosen by clients. Leading clients’ projects as a Senior Manager, he intends to follow a path toward becoming a Partner.

“I am striving hard to be able to provide higher-quality solutions so as to demonstrate my value and be relied on anywhere as a consultant. First, I will be a Partner. And I would eventually like to leave Japan and go overseas. This is my dream. I want to jump into an unknown world. I want to meet more people and gain knowledge. This feeling will remain unchanged forever. When I told this to the other team members in my workplace, they pointed out, ‘You are already working overseas though, aren’t you?’ [Laughter].”