Mai Ebata
Joined the company in 2005

Although I joined the company with the assumption that I would change my job … ?

Mai Ebata lived in Germany until she was 12 years old, and attended high school and university in the United States. She joined an internship program in her fourth year at university, which led her to pursue a career in the world of finance and consulting.

“As an intern, I was supposed to support institutional investors. This motivated me to look at the world of consulting related to finance. To be honest, I was not aiming for anything in particular, and I decided to look at a variety of businesses based on the assumption that I would change my job after several years.”

A career event for bilingual people was instrumental in starting her career as a transfer pricing consultant at the Chicago Office of Deloitte.

“To be honest, I decided to join the company without really understanding what transfer pricing is. After all, it was people who led me to choose this career path. While many people in the finance industry are greedy and extremely proactive, I was attracted to the calmness of the people from Deloitte. This may come from the nature of the job, that is, to address our clients’ goals as a team. It is so comfortable that I haven’t changed my job more than ten years after I joined the company [laughter].”


Responding to clients as a team.

She has now been transferred to the office in Japan, where she works as a Manager. She mainly serves as a point of liaison with clients, and her mission is to solve their issues.

“What makes this job interesting is the fact that I can engage with a diverse range of related people. We try to find the optimal solution by listening to the assertions and ideas of diverse people, including people from subsidiaries of our clients, those from the tax authorities of each country, and internal people with unique personal qualities, not to mention our clients. The job involves a number of hardships due to various confrontations and conflicts. I think, however, that a Manager must have the ability to enjoy these hardships.”

While companies desire solutions that will allow them to secure more profits, tax authorities want to increase the tax income of their countries as a matter of course. In these circumstances, a transfer pricing consultant shows solutions by making full use of their high level of analytical skills and specialized knowledge. This is the duty of a transfer pricing consultant. At what point in a project does a consultant feel the greatest pleasure?

“I think that it differs from person to person. Some take pleasure in planning. Some are proud of their analysis. I feel the greatest pleasure at the moment when I meet the client’s expectations. This means that the client recognizes the efforts of all the members of the project team, instead of the feats of an individual. Nothing else could make me happier. I unify professionals with a range of nationalities and backgrounds to present solid value. It truly is the best team. I am often bewildered because their individualities are too strong, though [laughter].”


The future is uncertain. I do my best in what I have to do now.

Ebata unifies outstanding professionals to present solid value to clients. While spending fulfilling days as a consultant, she is also a mother who is raising two children. When asked what her future goals are, she immediately answered, “I do not have any goals.”

“Although I wanted to continue living in Japan, my parents’ work caused me to move abroad. Due to this experience, I came to realize that there are some things in life about which I have no choice. Probably because of this, I don’t think about my future very much. Instead, I try to live in the present with full force. This automatically leads me to make some achievements. In terms of the balance with childcare, I would like my work to be less hectic in order to balance it with childcare.”

Ebata says jokingly that she only wants to live peacefully. She says that when she went on maternity leave, however, she worked too hard as a mother to live in a relaxed way. She always does her best, and she always aims to achieve the best result. This attitude of Ebata may very well be another quality that she has cultivated as a consultant.