Oluwaseyi Abimbola
Senior Associate
Joined the company in 2018

Truly enjoying taking on challenges in Japan.

Abimnola graduated from a university in Nigeria, which is his home country, and joined the largest bank there. In pursuit of further personal growth, he joined a leading Nigerian consulting firm and then Deloitte, which is recognized as one of the Big 4 global firms. Abimnola’s ambition has formed the career path he has been following.

“When I was working for the bank, all I did was routine work. Even after I became a consultant, I still had a desire to move to a higher level. I wanted to keep improving myself, and I wanted to keep taking on challenges. I think that it was this feeling of being unfulfilled that led me to Deloitte.”

He was assigned to Japan, a country with which he had no connection and about which he knew little. Working in this unknown country, which he had seen only in documentary programs, was the greatest challenge he had ever taken on in his life. He says, however, that he was not concerned about it at all.

“Rather, I was just looking forward to working in the country because otherwise I would not have had an opportunity to get to know its culture, customs, and foods. Everything was going to be a new discovery for me. I now work with people from a range of countries including the United States, China, and Sweden. The workplace is well integrated, with no discrimination or segregation. Everyone is very friendly. I had a very good time at the welcome party that was held on the day when I joined the company.”


No one can be a professional from the very start.

As a Senior Associate, Abimnola is currently working on a project of a foreign-affiliated company that operates business in Japan. Having experienced transfer pricing consulting at a firm he used to work for, he has been demonstrating his value as a significant asset of the company ever since he joined.

“I chose this career partly because it is related to my major at university. I find this job extremely rewarding. Because the fields of our business have been expanding globally, I can say for sure that our value is universal and rare. I can also obtain extensive knowledge about a range of businesses. I try to provide the best possible solutions in locations that are filled with opportunities for growth.”

His main duties are the creation of documents and other practical tasks for the project. However, this is not everything he is expected to do. Due to his experience, he has also been assigned to serve as the mentor of the Associates in his team.

“It is also an important mission for me to support the young people who have joined the company as new graduates. I was assigned to take a range of initiatives, such as creating a system for sharing expertise and specialized knowledge by using the company’s intranet, not to mention engaging with each one of them. The growth of our human resources should lead directly to the value we provide to our clients. No one is a professional from the very start.”


Desiring to support you to the full extent as you take on the challenge.

More than six months after he joined the company, he is familiar with the new culture and is developing himself as a professional and teaching the younger staff members lots of things. In these fulfilling days, he has set a clear goal of being promoted to Manager. The reason for desiring this promotion also reflects his personality.

“It is because I will take on more responsibility. This will allow me to achieve significant growth accordingly and demonstrate my value as well. Relationships with clients, commitment to the operating income of the company, capability and leadership for managing the team… I know I have a long way to go, but this makes my challenge all the more worthwhile. I never feel unfulfilled here.”

He can keep taking on challenges, and the people around him support him to the full extent. Nothing would make him happier than being able to develop himself as a professional in such an environment. “I want to support the young people who will join us in the future to the full extent,” says Abimnola confidently.