Recruiting information


Available position
Client services (Tax consulting services on international trades intended for multinational companies)
Desired academic background
Transfer pricing service
Job openings
Around 10
Starting salary
As stipulated in the rules of the company [Starting salary for new university graduates in April 2017] 296,000 JPY/ month *Overtime provisions are paid separately.
Overtime entitlement and commuting allowance (Up to 150,000 JPY)
Raising yearly once (October), bonus year twice (June / December)
Holidays and paid leave
Five-day work week, national holidays, year-end and New Year holidays, annual paid leave, examination leave, special leave for weddings and funerals, summer holidays, and special leave
※Examination leave: Leave of absence for taking examinations to be qualified as tax accountant or CPA (including USCPA)
Benefit programs
  • Social insurance, retirement plan
  • Cafeteria Plan by the health insurance union (equivalent to 20,000 JPY per year/ valid for two years)
<Specific examples of the benefits>
Trips, pharmaceuticals, health equipment, tickets for musicals and other events, coupons for using esthetic salons, sports club, and the similar facilities.
Work location
  • Tokyo Office
  • Osaka Office
Work hours
9:30 to 17:30 (Actual working hours: 7 hours)
Training programs
Prospective employee training, new employee training, overseas training, foreign language training, and other internal training programs (Learn more)
Universities our employees have graduated from
Keio University, Hitotsubashi University, International Christian University, Waseda University, University of Tokyo, Kyoto University, Sophia University, Tsukuba University, Osaka University, Yokohama National University, Nagoya University, Ritsumeikan University, University of Chicago, and others
Screening method
Review of application documents, interviews, and aptitude test (Learn more)
Contact for inquiries
Deloitte Tohmatsu Tax Co.
Shin-Tokyo Building 5
3-3-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku
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Screening process

Submit your entry form at Mynavi. Apply here.
Review of application documents
Online aptitude test
Interviews (multiple times)
Job offer

※The above process may change depending on the recruitment situation.