In addition to social insurance, we provide the following programs and plans as employee benefits.

  • Holidays

    Five-day work week (number of designated holidays: 126 days/ year), various leave programs, annual paid leave, summer holidays, paid examination leave (up to five days), special leave for weddings and funerals, maternity leave, childcare leave, nursing care leave, and others

  • Flexible working program

    This program supports members who aim to develop their careers while also balancing work and family life or work and private life. The program supports childcare and nursing care of staff members by allowing them to modulate their work volume in accordance with their desired work style, thereby preventing them from spending too much time for work and childcare/nursing care.

  • Health insurance cafeteria plan

    This is a service provided by the health insurance union of Deloitte Tohmatsu. Each employee is granted a specific number of cafeteria points. An employee can use the points to select from various benefits to receive, including a health check, refreshment, personal development, and travel.

  • Social activities

    ● Participation in a charity event
    Every year, the Deloitte Tohmatsu Group co-sponsors an event named Financial Industry in Tokyo for Charity Run.

    ● Participation in volunteer activities
    Staff members of the Deloitte Tohmatsu Group and their families and friends engage in regular maintenance and replanting of flowerbeds in Hibiya Park, which is located close to the office in Tokyo.

  • Other activities

    ● Business casual
    While working in the office, staff members are permitted to wear business casual attire throughout the year.

    ● Health management room
    Our office has a health management room, where an industrial physician and nurse are always available. We also have a bedroom for those feeling unwell.

    ● Exclusive massage room for staff members
    Staff members can receive free massage services provided by a wellness professional who has a national qualification as a licensed masseur.

    ● Club activities
    We have a number of clubs, including golf and futsal clubs. Members of each club enjoy spending leisure time with like-minded friends.